Sunday, March 06, 2016

5 x 7 practice time...

Here is a cluster of small ones I practiced on.  The group I am in has lots of suggestions on what to use to make the various shapes happen.
This one is a scenic attempt...water and sky with a moon.

This is blowing the ink out with a straw to make petals.

Here I tried to make a pond effect and used a credit card to push up the grasses.  Then used a thin brush to make a bit of accent in brown acrylic at the front.

Here I used canned air to push the white up onto the green to give the effect of water hitting the rocks in the foreground.  Rocks made use of the credit card edge again.

This looks so simple now that I have done more complex methods, but it was a good first try at water with waves and foam.
Now the flowers are getting more 'flower-shaped'  

...and this one came out surreal, but pretty cool.

This one has ink for the background, and mettalic gel pens for the dragon fly.  Simple but showing the effect of two mediums used together.

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