Saturday, May 04, 2013

Recycling at it's prettiest...

I have a fun new project I have been working on lately.  I have to clean out much of our stuff to make an apartment for our daughter who wants to return home from Maryland.  I will then have all four of my children withing walking distance from our house!!

So...on to the cleaning out.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and paid attention to the details of how it worked and thought 'I have tons of plates and glassware and I bet I can do these'  Got the waterproof glue and set to work.  Got a drill to go through glass but that was difficult for me to handle, so I went with the idea of filling a base piece with dirt and rocks before I glued a plate on.  This made for a heavy bottom to keep wind from being a problem.

Then I dug through shelves and boxes, etc and lined up the pieces in order for color and sizing.
I decided that each piece needed at least 3 upright pieces to create enough height.  And the in-between made a layered look in style and color.

I know how to Zentangle, so I used my ink that I used on my Zentangle Plates to add color and design to pick up other piece's color.

I have glass stones, and I have plastic beads, and will probably think of other things to glue on as I go along.

And of course, I know my way to the Goodwill store for anything I might be

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