Friday, February 15, 2013

Judy's Doodle Challenge 20

Posted this plate over on my facebook page and forgot it was one of Judy's challenges.  The thought crossed my mind briefly when I was tracing onto the plate, but by the time I finished it totally slipped  This is done with a larger tip pen than I like.  I made a mistake when I ordered them, not noticing the size differences.  I did this plate anyway, with simple patterns, as I had started it and didn't want to wait for a new order of pens.

After working with that thick pen, I shifted over to the color pens that had the finer point.  Did a couple fish in the deep blue sea...

A closer view...I will stick with the color til my new black pens arrive----the FINE point ones!!!

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Judy West said...

Love the plates Cat and the celtic challenge you did.