Thursday, February 07, 2013

Catching up....

I feel like I have deserted my blog lately, as I haven't had time for challenges, and have been in other groups and started my own swap!!  I have some plates to share and a few zentangles... here goes!

This is a medium size plate with my favorite snail, and I learned how to manipulate the ink to cause shading on it.

 Got more involved with the shading on this large plate.  A little trickier to shade larger areas.  This plate also had a raised design in the center and rings raised on the outside edge, so I had to work the design from there.

My little chipmunk kind of goes with the snail plate, but the green is a bit more intense in this work, so when they are next to each other, I'm not sure I like it.

And some tangles....   These are 'Kickstarters' from tanglebucket, who gives us 4 specific tangles to use to kick start our imaginations... Fun!

And a few ATC's that got me going off on a swap of my own.  I am  hoping to get it started by March 1, and have as many as 25 swaps in the group.   So I will be busy...

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Coleen said...

Those plates are really beautiful, Cat. I"ll bet you sell them out pretty quickly.

Coleen in Ukraine