Thursday, April 03, 2008

A year??? since I blogged...

Good grief, I have been busy, eh? Actually I was on a down swing through the last months, and discovered I was severly anemic, and diabetic. So I went the round of doctors and tests and learning a new way to live with both problems. Got them under control now, and hope to do a bit more with my faithful ole blog.

My 'puppy' is now a bit over a year, and no longer a 'lap' dog in the true sense. She got bigger than expected and is eating very well, so she is about 35 pounds. And here I was figuring she would be a tiny l6 pound snuggle-bunn for my lap. She still loves to snuggle but my lap is a bit crowded and she gets uncomfortable after a bit, and opts for the floor or the little love seat. Let's see if blogger uploads her pic a bit better than it used to.

Well, it did a very fast job of it, I'm glad to say. So now to get to work with my camera and show all of my more recent quilting! Bee back soon, I hope?


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