Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fabric postcards again...

Here is a recent postcard. I call it "Spring Moon" and it is one of the 12 I made for a swap in our own Quilt Guild. It is a piece of Rayon print from a dress I had to shorten, and a sheer piece to make the moon. The threads were a pearly white, which doesn't show in the pic as well as for real.

Foolishly, I sent out the first bunch without remembering to take pics. I hope to remedy that at our May meeting. We are all supposed to bring the ones received, and I will just have to get shots of all - including MY OWN.

I have two more to finish up. Should remember to take those shots, and I want to get pics of all the ones I received, also. It is their very first ones, and I can tell that, as they resemble some of my first attempts. Okay but not as well made as I can accomplish now. Practice does make a big difference.

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