Thursday, April 05, 2007

...awaiting a new PUPPY!

No time for quilting...spent a few minutes surging an edge around a mini-blanket for the crate that the new puppy would be coming home in.

She is named Sweet Magnolia...Maggie for short. And she is an unusual mix that is apparently becoming popular out in the California area. She is a "Brug", which is a Pug momma, and a Brussels Griffon daddy. OMG is she adorable!!!!!

Haven't had a dog in over 15 years, but I felt the need to have a little furball that needed to go outside on a regular basis, and would want to go riding with me. I have a problem with agoraphobia, which in simple terms means I don't like to leave the house and be with bunches of people. I can do it, but I get very anxious, and want very badly to keep the visit short and gooooooo hoooooome. I'm hoping the dog will give me more confidence and something to put my attention to, which will hopefully get me past some of my anxieties. Already, just in talking about getting her has made me more open with some aquaintences recently.

And I certainly don't overlook the love and devotion a dog can give, and I can return. My cats are loving, but don't follow me around, and don't want to go for a walk or a ride in the car. Ya know what I mean???

Will post a pic ( or maybe a whole bunch!) as soon as she gets here.

Now shouldn't there be a way to quilt for my pup? A simple blankie that I know will be chewed and/or peed on. Or maybe a doggie coat for when our weather gets cold.

BTW, I was delighted to read they don't like really hot weather, so she should be very content to be in my AC house in the high heat of summer, whooohooo!

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