Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lotsa Pics!

But I was only able to upload three so far. Blogger seems to be struggling again.
These are from the quilt show in Seymour, Ct.

This was just amazing, in that it is loads of little bits and pieces all sewn down to make the beautiful garden. Of course, there is a kitty, and the lady certainly has earned her peaceful resting spot.

As I favor cats, they are often in the quilts I favor. This is no exception. He looks so comfy here.

And I do love the ocean- therefore this one is especially appealing. Love the simplicity of line and fresh open feeling. Just like being there.

I will try to upload more tomorrow, as I took 37 shots. I won't try to get them all posted, but certainly as many as I can. I love all the different methods used and am so glad to have the pics to remind me and inspire me.

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Karoda said...

These are great pictorial quilts. I especially like the beach scene.