Friday, March 03, 2006

More lovely colors for postcard art!

I'm happily back at it with the postcards....

Here is a fav combo of mine. Black and White designs with a little bit of red to punch it up.

Lots of red in this one. Every heart design I could find in my stash to give a strong impression of Kitty Love.

Can never work enough with my favorite color purple. Again went into little scraps of my stash and found all the purps I could that would be used up in this little fan.

This one kinda represents my own blue dish collection I used to have in my dining room. Changed the color scheme many times since then, and the dishes are gone, sold on eBay or given away.

Love that EBay! Just went looking for rubber stamp colors. I has bought some garden theme stamps last year and promptly forgot them. I was so busy in other directions that when they finally arrived, I didn't follow through. Re-discovered them today and thought what fun they would be on my postcards so I was off to find some ink. I have never scrapbooked or any thing similar. These rubber stamps are beautiful and I am looking forward to trying them on material. I hope it works.

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