Sunday, May 22, 2005

Screensaver "time-out"...

Sometimes it happens. I need to totally stop thinking in the directions of screensavers and get other things done. We are trying to re-do and fix up our house to put it up for sale. Cleaning out, painting, scraping, patching, replacing....on and on.
And that is a good thing. My mind takes a break and gets inspiration from new sources. Spring having just arrived, there are zillions of flowers blooming. I feel like I have taken every possible angel of pics in my own garden, so I much reach out for new sources of bloom pics.
I tried a ride around the neighborhood and took a pile of shots of daffodils in use in folk's yards and in areas where you don't expect flowers. I'm torn about the results. The daffies are beautiful, but the backgrounds are mostly brownish, greyish. Trees haven't come into full leaf, and grass is just so-so. Gotta think on this one for a while.
I also started a file of "fence" pics that may work into a nice screensaver. It makes my eye look harder at the roadsides for fences made of different materials. Once one starts looking, it is awesome how many different ways we come up with to keep things in or out of our private space!!!
Enough for today, gotta get back to work clearing out the next room that needs painting. Anyone ever paint their 60's paneling??? We are about to try!

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