Sunday, May 01, 2016 art form

Finally figured out how to get my fun little mushrooms to stand up in the garden!  Weather changes would soften the ground and one or more would flop over...very frustrating.  So I'm trying to figure out what would be light enough and yet flat enough and up to being outside, and my daughter brings me some goodies from her house she thought I might use, and among them are three trays.  Light weight and sturdy and when they are upside down, quite flat and not a catch-all for water (which invites mosquitos), so now I have the bottoms I need!!!  And I also discovered that an 8 inch tile will do the trick, too...

These three have some alcohol ink for color...

I sprayed the trays with black and textured copper paint, for a dirt look

If they are put on a porch, they look fine, and in the garden one could cover the tray with mulch or dirt to make them look even more natural.

This last is the tile used for the bottom...which I really like, as it is smaller than the tray, and just as sturdy, maybe more so!

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