Monday, May 30, 2016

More totems...'cause some have already sold this summer!!

Went to a tag sale that my niece was part of at the local volunteer fire dept.  Got a whole slew of great pieces.  This lady with a bird was one of many...she's letting the bird out of the cage which is so sweet.  Used greens and coppers to stack for her to be shown in someone's garden.

 This little white horse is part of a special order totem.  Which is why I am showing just part of it.  It is hers exclusively.

Then I had to use this pink paperweight as a topper.  Chose white and crystal to make it stack purrrty.

 A teapot with teal started this totem...because I had this great big jar to park it on once I found all the right pieces in between.

 And lastly...for the moment...a mushroom cluster dictated the color scheme for this totem... Coppers and reds seemed ideal.  It is a shorter one than most which fit the little mushrooms.

 Here is a clear from top to bottom totem, because there is always the purist who doesn't want color, but loves the idea and the sparkle of totems.

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