Friday, November 23, 2012

Zendala 32 and Diva challenge

Been concentrating on plates for the last few days.  I made a fun trip to Goodwill, a store that takes donations and puts folks to work selling the products to help those who need help.  I love shopping there because of the variety, and because I'm re-cycling, and because it helps others at the same time. Win, Win, Win. 
Got a bunch of clothes and a whole bunch of pretty dishes to draw on.  Here are the first few I worked on. 

This last one fits the
Diva's challenge as there are a few zingers I added to the cluster of black lace tied up.  I thought they looked enough like tassels that they fit, and they filled in that space with a light look

 I also did the Zendala challenge with the Zingers included.  I thought it looked a bit flat so I went further and added color and shading to the brown ink pattern.  

This is what it looked like without the added color.  I especially was bothered by the white ovals.  I knew I didn't want to put anything in there, but it was too stark.   The soft shading of the brown pencil did the trick.  The pen was a brown micron 5, and the pencils were prismacolor in all the golds and browns. 


Diane CZT said...

Your plates are so beautiful and the designs look so well on the plates. Are you just penning the designs on to the plates?

Anne's tangle blog said...

A beautiful zendala! Indeed the soft brown is lovely.
The plates are great too.

Dawn said...

Your plates are brilliant--and I love that they're recycled from Goodwill! Your zinger is a perfect little tassle! And your zendala is gorgeous with the soft shading, the brown and gold add a warm richness that really makes it feel inviting. Beautiful job! And thank you for the lighthouse idea! I'll have to do that! =0)

Susan said...

Such a creative idea and they are beautiful!

Collectincat said...

Thanks all...Diane, I use a Staedtler lumocolor waterproof pen. They came in a set of six colors from Dick Blick online. I mark them on the back 'for decorative use only' as I'm not sure they should be touched by food.

Daniele OBrien Design, CZT said...

These are The BEST!
Love your work and the plates are inspirational. All your work is just beautiful.

ledenzer said...

How wonderful to have these gorgeous plates! Amazing works of beauty!

Helen said...

Your plates are lovely! Love your zinger zendala :)