Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Zendala 31 and other goodies

Behind on the challenges because of these extra works. 

 Did this plate in green, 'cause I started in purple and realized I used the wrong type of pen.  I went over the rest of the lines with green but left that little bit in the center and on one outside aura. 

 Stuck with red for this one and used the right pen!!!

 This is my first try on watercolor paper.  Did the painting first and then used my charge card for the 'string'  and lots and lots of patterns to tangle it up. The very edges are missing cause I put it thru the scanner and it is 9"x12"

This also has the same problem with the edges as it is another big one.  My granddaughter asked for a sun and moon and gave me a simple graphic to start with.  I put the large circles around the two faces and then went to work.  As I didn't think she would turn it in any other direction I used gravity to direct things DOWN dripping off the sides.   She loved it and said it was waaaaay more than she expected, so I did good...

THEN I finally got to the challenge.  This time tried that blue pen I used on a plate, only this was on paper.  Whew, I think I'm caught up on challenges. 


Anne's tangle blog said...

All beautiful! I love the purple one most!

Dawn said...

Wow!! You've certainly been busy!! I love the plates-especially the red, so cool! And your daughter's sun and moon is really awesome! Love your watercolor tangle and you zendala is beautiful!! Great job on all!