Monday, January 24, 2011

Yup, I'm still Baking...

...time just got away from me

Here are the two little bundts all dressed up

...and I had an idea for a mini-cake for two that I wanted to try. I don't have small enough cake pans, so I tried a couple bowls that have a nice rounded top - but straight sides. I torted them and added strawberry filling to these strawberry cakes. They were fun to frost and having a dome top made it easy to glaze in a nice smooth manner.

And a six-inch cake split and filled made a pretty cake too

...and here is a cute Chai tea cake with dark chocolate chai filling and powdered sugar dusting.

It was very tasty, especially the chocolate, but it was a bit dry in texture. Think this might be a canidate for simple syrup added before I frost.

I also gave a try to making a sponge cake that swirled into a jelly roll shape. It was absolutely delicious with the raspberry whip cream filling. Very light cake, perfect when you had a big meal! I'm thinking I would really like to make more of these!!!


black bear cabin said...

they all look delicious,and i dont even like sweets :)

Suzanne said...

all of them look great! I LOVE my mini bundt makes EVERYTHING look so cute!

natalie nessi said...

Look at those sweet cakes. Yum! How I wish I can taste your cakes. I bet its delicious.
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