Monday, January 10, 2011

parts of projects, and a failure

Did another biscotti that was quite delicious, but am realizing all biscotti pics look

Then I tried another shape of biscotti, as well as flavor, and it kinda melted into itself. And it was very greasy because of the amount of butter. It was a round parmegian cheese which looked so pretty in its picture. Mine weren't worth taking a picture, tho.

On to other goodies, my daughter said the restaurant she worked for served fancy individual desserts and I would have to dress it up as well as have it taste good if I wanted to possibly get them as a client. Soooo, either jumbo cupcakes or mini-bundts seemed a possible. I went out and bought more of the little inexpensive bundts that I had purchased six of earlier. Now I have 14, enough to make a decent batch of desserts.

The first one is a LEMON OLIVE OIL THYME CAKE, which is a mouthful to say as well as eat. I was surprised at how delicious this came out to be. And my husband ate his and declared it good, before I told him the odd ingredient of thyme was in it. Here's one with it's lemon glaze (super lemony taste) and a chocolate butterfly.
Not bad, but I think I can do better...

So I got out my fondant and colored small batches and got to work on flowers to add and a butterfly as the real topper.

I also have some really scrumptious APPLE WALNUT SPICE bundts ready to dress up. We taste tested last night and I definitely think this is a keeper!! Think I might make little apples of fondant to dress this one up.

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