Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Two more ATC's arrived

These were both purchased at ETSY as I wanted to have some examples of what they look like and how they are put together, etc. actually in my hand. I know it seems basic, but I always have this need to know more, to be sure I do it right and equally put in the effort others have done.

I have four put up at my ATC blog and am about to work on a postcard requested from a customer at ETSY She liked my kitty cat called urban hunter and wanted as close a repeat as possible for a gift. Imagine, she liked it enough to keep it and order another for a gift!! Real upper on a downer rainy day, eh???

Also have three more ATC's in the make, gotta add some pretty beads, and then bind them and take their pics. It never ends!

1 comment:

kiwicarole said...

Wow! an order! congratulations! keep up the good work. oh and i love the snail! Carole ;)