Thursday, September 18, 2008

ALQS is finished!!!

Amazingly, this started as another challenge piece, "Something borrowed/something blue. I made the blue petals from some strips I had already sewn together from a past project. They were BLUE. Good start, hmmm
But after I cut the petals, I took a good look at my instructions and realized it was not supposed to be more than 6" square!! Well one petal was longer than that!

So lets see what can be done. Oh, Yes, ALQS can be bigger, and I haven't had any ideas for it yet. So off and running I got a whole bunch of bits and pieces and embellished them onto a previously dyed piece that had been sitting around.

What great fun my new embellisher machine is. I like the effect better than fusing. Keeps the three dimensional look. Then I did fuse the petals on and added the fuzzy yar frame for the way to hold them all in place.

Added a yellow circle with more curly yarn and copper ribbon, and quilted windy swirls up towards the top. I meant for bits of the flower to look like they were blown up into the sky.

And that is how "Windy day" was born. Hope my secret partner likes it!


Melinda Cornish said...

this is looks like you are having all kinds of fun with your felting machine..Alot of people buy them and then dont use them if you can believe it...i am one of the ones who does it by hand...its good therapy though! haha....Melinda

paula, the quilter said...

I DO like it! I hadn't realized that you used a felting machine. How fun! I have it on the wall in my sewing room right above my iMotion.