Friday, January 29, 2010

well hello there, blog...

Haven't been by in months, as I discovered Facebook and all the fun games it had to offer. And then there is the chatting going on. And messages coming in. And gifts to be received from fellow players.
It just goes on and on, and I am HOOKED right along with so many others.
My daughter Teri got me started with FarmTown and it merrily went on from there. I have since deleted FarmTown, for the cuter Farmville and am even more intrigued with Fishville.
And then my granddaughter got me going on Petville and is my stiffest competetion!!! lol

That same daughter, Teri, just started her own blog today, so I may stop in here more often after visiting hers. She wants to push her writing ability and see if anything really solid comes of it.


black bear cabin said...

welcome back :)

Teri-Lee said...

thanks Mama