Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm back...just for a minute

Here are three little mini-purses I made for a shop here in town. That is what has kept me non-stop busy and finding it hard to blog. I also set up and printed dozens of note cards from screensaver photos. The owner wanted local color for them- and postcards for tourists, as well as townfolk who wanted to show off their town.

Then there were the journals, which I just realized are gone without my taking their pics. Bummer. She wanted simple styles that wouldn't have to be too pricey, so I had to back off lots of extras and she loved the results. She even gave me ideas to make them slightly different styles.

And I also did quite a bit for another shop down closer to the ocean. Higher end tickets were possible as the area is a bit more affluent.

I did these with my embellisher and kept the hand-sewed additions to a minimum. They are big enough for the cell phone and keys and charge cards, license and have longer straps to go shopping with.

This last one is smaller and will hold the cell, and not much more, therefore just a little strap was needed.

Off to more projects...

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