Friday, October 03, 2008

Trying something old- that is new to me...

Crazy quilting originaly didn't appeal to me. Too many colors and textures and all that handwork!!!
But I recently saw CQ swaps going on and the blocks had color themes and were using cottons, rather than silks and velvets in some cases. Ah...Hah!!- break the rules and do what you feel like works for you (ME).
So I put together three black and white squares and started looking through all my trims and buttons and threads to find pink embellishments. Reason---That is my kitchen color scheme! On my first try I wanted to keep the results, and that meant hanging it somewhere in my own house. So I have to pick a color scheme that fits some part of the house. I have a skinny piece of wall that could use a bit of color and be see-able by others to appreciate my work...heh,heh.

Here are some of the pinks I could scrape together...

...and a closer look of my first block try.

When I finish, I will add sashes and make it a long skinny piece, maybe even make it look somewhat like a bell-pull. Haven't decided yet.


Susan said...

I enjoyed looking at your postcards. These black and pink blocks are great. You did very nice seams on them. I use cottons, linens and silks exclusively on my cq blocks. Rarely anything else, and never velvet!

Karen South said...

Love the black and white blocks! As they say anything goes in crazy quilting and I love using cotton in my blocks also.

black bear cabin said...

Careful...crazy quilts are addicting!
Kathis swap has gotten me hooked! :)

and as lovely as these little blocks are, i just know you will become hooked too! :)