Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I had a dream...quilt

I couldn't quite believe I "dreamed up" this quilt while I was sleeping. When I woke up I immediately started to add to the original image and turn it into something I could actually do. Then I went looking for the base material that was a teal batik type in the dream. And, as I have a ton of scraps in that colorway, I did find the perfect piece that drifted into my dreamscape that night. So now how do I make it happen in reality???

I started with a piece of fine net and criss-crossed it with a gorgeous sparkly teal ribbon to look like a real fish net. Using stabilizer paper underneath worked just fine.

Then I had to decide where and what to put under the net. I had some real tiny shells from beach collecting, and pieces of mica that my grandkids had given me. I broke up one of the mica into smaller pieces and thin as possible and used a dot of fabric glue to hold them in place. And the most important piece was a fish. I had recently gotten a stash of goodies from ETSY including a pair of lightweight fish earrings. They fit the bill perfectly. Took off the earwires and sewed one carefully onto the background.

Now to set the net in place and attach it with little seed beads at each cross point to keep all the goodies in place.

Can you see the beads?

Then I attached more of the teal ribbon on the outside of the net and folded one edge in a couple wrinkles to make it look more 3D. Can you see the sparkle of the mica?

Added a solid teal edge and did some quilting to make it look as though the net was being pulled out of the water.

Then I added the 'free' fish and some eyelash yarn and beads for seaweed. I carefully put the yarn over the fish to hide his little loop that held him to the quilt.

And VOILA...as they say...I have a finished dream. I call it "Caught" and I like to assume the catcher is also a believer in releasing, as he only wanted the shells, RIGHT?


Sheri said...

Very pretty!

blackbearcabin said...

Lovely! It was fun watching your process with the step by step photos! Nice Work!! Thanks for sharing :)

Cat said...


I think you aught to keep a note pad by your bed to net in ALL those creative dreams!!