Friday, March 23, 2007

This winter's "Obsession"...socks

Yup, I finally got brave enough after all these years, to try using four needles instead of two. I had visited other quilter's blogs, and found they had a thing for the crazy new yarns available to make 'designer' socks without all the yarns being changed for each color. Whooohoo, now we're talkin'!

Here's what I have made so far, minus one pair I gave to my daughter in Texas. She was visiting home and watched me making them, and couldn't resist asking if I would make some for her, especially in the cool green/beige colors I was using at that moment. Well, of course, I finished them in time to offer her that pair, instead of making her wait for the next ones. She was tickled pink to wear them right away. It was quite cold here compared to when she left home.

These blue ones were my first try, and they came out almost the same size!!! The toe on one got finished a bit sooner than the other, and slightly different in manner. But they both fit, and that is the important point. I love how warm they are and want to show them off more with some kind of winter sandle. A berkenstock???

This pair of soft browns and oranges were my first attempt on circular needles that were long enough to do both socks at the same time. This avoided my first problem in the blue socks. And I love this yarn, as it has some aloe and jojoba in it that make them sooooo soft. There was enough yarn left to make a pair of fingerless gloves, too. They are not quite finished.

These green ones came out real purty, but were of a thicker yarn that said wool/ machine washable, so I gave it a try. I may consider putting on those noslip soles and make them slipper socks. I like the look and the texture of this yarn, but they are a bit tight in my shoes. They sure did wash great, though.

Now that spring is just around the corner, and actually started as far as the calendar says, I will be out in the garden more and save the sock making for next winter.

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