Friday, August 25, 2006

summer has flown by.....I'm back

I've been very bad and totally ignored my poor blog. But spring and summer call me out the door. Working on quilts just goes to the wayside in opposition to playing in the dirt of my gardens. We had so much damage to the garden nearest and prettiest, when we had a new septic system put in last year. They tore up and re-shaped almost that whole yard area. The grass was gone, and many flower bulbs where scattered all over the ground area just below the dirt. I had to wait for them to start their growing to be able to find them.

Needless to say, the yard is looking much better now, and there are many new touches. So now I can get my head around the possibility of quilting. In the very hot days, I started slowly to put together an "I Spy" quilt for my granddaughter. She loved the little pillowcase with 3" squares I made for my youngest GD and wanted a bigger version for her bed. She is 10, and I didn't think that design would appeal, but she insisted she would just love it forever!!!

I started going through all the 6" squares I could find and then proceded to cut a whole bunch more to make enough to get a twin-size out of the design. (I had used many of my squares for the Katrina Survivors Quilts already made.) It came up a bit smaller than standard, but it will work. I put a dark purple print between each so that I could get a little more size without coming up with more squares. I didn't want to repeat any squares if I could help it. Then I was expecting to use the rest of the dark purp for the backing. But low- I was a bit short. I asked my GD if she would mind big wide stripes on the back. I had a white sheet that I could make stripes with. It came out just right. I'm trying to get a couple pics up of the little pillowcase and her lap quilt of cats. Let's see how blogger handles it today.

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