Friday, February 25, 2005

Collectin' Cat Screensavers- How I started...

Just beginning this is an adventure. I have never thought of trying to explain what I do. I started by collecting everybody else's screensavers that I could get my hands on. Loved the scenic, and really loved getting into the digital art and fantasy styles. They obviously took a lot of time and imagination to create. I would actually stop working on my computer to let the pictures start rolling across the screen. Like having a "mini-movie" break!

My greatest discovery was Webshots back when I first got my pokey old computer before XP was ever thought of. If I remember right it was Windows 3.0 (talk about ancient!)

Webshots let you use proffesional pics and also see millions of photos and snapshots from ordinary folk. Many of them were spectacular, and some were hilarious, and badly done. But what fun! Putting together my own screensaver groups!!!

Of course, then I discovered I could put up my OWN pics and share with all these folks. It was so exciting the first time I saw the stats for my albums on webshots!!! I actually took pictures that other people liked enough to download to their PC's....WhoooHoooo!

I'm brand new at this blogging idea, so I'm going to stop here, and ask--

Do you use Webshots?

Do you post your own photos there?

Have you tried one of my "Freebies" to see what I am all about?

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